Free Book for Parents: Wear Clean Underwear

A fast, fun, friendly - and essential - guide to legal planning for parents.

Hey Parents!


Is your family prepared for a worst case scenario?  Get all the legal and financial answers now!


- Get the crucial legal lowdown you need to know to protect your kids.


- Discover how to pass on what really matters the most - no matter how much money you have.


- Know for sure that you've done right by the people you love.


- All in an easy to read "choose your own adventure" style book.


That's why I am giving away copies of this best-selling book by nationally recognized lawyer for parents, Alexis Neely.


"This book is themost educational tool any family could have.  It's a one way ticket to PEACE OF MIND if you're a parent.  There are so many goodies in the book that provide information on how to act on some of the steps to protect your family - all free.  Fantastic book."  - Lori Elaine Martin


"After reading it, I now give a copy to all of my financial planning clients.  Outstanding book!" - Chuck Rylant


About The Author: Alexis Martin Neely


Alexis is a mom of two and nationally-recognized attorney who has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America and many of your other favorite shows talking about legal planning and how to make it easy for parents to do the right thing by their kids.


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