Attorney Deanny is an absolute pleasure to work with. We decided to tackle the daunting task of setting up our Family Trust and are very happy to have chosen Lungu Law Group. We took along our two young children during each meeting and she made us all feel at-home. Her process is methodical, organized, and straightforward. In addition, Deanny kept clear communication before and after each meeting, which assured we were clear of what information needed to be addressed. I look forward to working with Deanny again in the future.”

Priscilla and Isaiah Longoria - LA County Fire Firefighter FS 59, Claremont


After talking with some friends, I realized how important it was to have a Living Trust especially when children are involved. Deanny really held my hand throughout the whole process. She was able to put things in layman’s terms for me to understand. I love that we’ll be in touch often to make updates or changes if necessary. But I especially love her patience and the comfort in knowing everything is spelled out for my kids. Thanks Deanny!” 

Jennifer Abe, Long Beach


We used Lungu Law to amend and update our 15-year old trust. Deanny educated us on the legal changes and presented different options for us. She took the time to make sure that we understood these differences and helped us to decide which best fit our current needs. She provided resources to help us get our affairs organized. She alerted us to situations we hadn’t even considered and provided simple solutions so that our family would be prepared for any situation. Every step of the way, things were handled in a timely manner. She really cares about what is best for her clients’ and their families. We would recommend Lungu Law to our friends.” 

Laurie and Eric Rael, Long Beach


We wanted to get our finances in order by creating a living trust, will and advanced directive. Not knowing where to start made the task overwhelming. Deanny put everything in layman‘s terms and made it easy for us to navigate through the process. The resulting trust is specific to our family’s needs. Always the professional yet very personable, Deanny was a pleasure to work with.
I would recommend her for all your estate needs

Amy and Tim Panza, FS 110, Santa Monica


Deanny is very easy to work with, she is very knowledgeable on the subject. She also has good ideas on how to protect your assets” 

Mike Smotrys - LA County Fire Firefighter FS 21, Fountain Valley


Deanny’s office is very professional, I liked the one-on-one attention, great communication!”

John Dinger - LA County Fire Firefighter FS 83, Dove Canyon


My husband and I have 2 fairly young daughters and we decided a while back that we needed to create a trust for them. But we really didn’t know how to begin. Fortunately, a friend mentioned to us that Deanny had just helped them and were very impressed with her service. We decided to move ahead. Putting together our trust with Deanny was a great experience. She is extremely knowledgeable about the laws of estate planning and living trusts. My husband and I have very busy schedules, and Deanny was able to accommodate us every step of the way. Our final Trust is a true masterpiece! We couldn’t be happier, and more importantly, we finally feel secure that our children will be taken care of in the event something happens to us. We are grateful for her services and would highly recommend her to everyone!”

Mike and Steph Mondino, Fountain Valley


When my husband surprised me with a 25th Anniversary trip to Paris, I was of course initially excited!  While preparing for the trip I thought about the day to day things our 3 kids might need and suddenly realized we didn’t have a current Will or Family Plan in place in the event something should happen to us.  A friend referred us to Deanny who specializes in family planning.  She has her own family and knew the importance of having a plan that was secure and clear at every stage.  She helped us formulate a Will and Trust that worked for our family.  Deanny really took the time to explain the legal process behind having a Will and not having a Will so that we were well educated to make decisions.  She even went the extra mile to make a family legacy audio recording that we could listen to in the future and remember back to when we created the plan.  We are very grateful to Deanny for making the process simple and hassle free, and for giving us the peace of mind we now have!”

Michele and Doug McIntyre, Huntington Beach


In January (2018) I was in the process of looking for a business lawyer to help sell of my Specialty Store.   My sister told me that she had a dear friend that was a professional lawyer and that she would be able to help me with the sale of my business. I meet with Deanny and within a week she had all my documents ready for the sale of my business. She was very instrumental & very detailed in making sure that all the necessary documents contained the right verbiage for the sale of my specific business. She tailored the documents to the law to make sure all the correct wordings fit my unique business. Deanny is very knowledgeable and does not miss any details. She made the sale very easy and painless and furthermore, she communicated with the purchaser’s lawyer to make sure the transfer was easy and simple. I will be using her services in the near future for my new business.”        

Yasemin Altuner - Bonelli Logistics, Inc., Los Alamitos


We attended Deanny’s Estate Planning seminar thinking we already had an established Estate Plan but were interested in updating a few things.  We walked away realizing not only was our current plan inadequate, it didn’t even meet the scope of what was needed to project our family.  Ms. Lungu’s depth of knowledge is impressive and her professionalism refreshing.  I am confident we now have a comprehensive, rock solid Estate Plan for our families’ future.

Jeannine and Mike Saucedo, Long Beach


I’d love to recommend using Deanny Lungu for your estate planning.  Upon completion of her service I felt a big relief in knowing that my children were protected and would be properly cared for in the event something catastrophic happened to my husband and I. We also realized what would happen if NOTHING was in place legally, which was NOT good!  Deanny helped us organize & be ready for short term or long-term handling of our estate.  Deanny is patient, extremely professional and she explains everything until you are comfortable. Finally, we were able to protect our privacy while protecting our kids as Deanny didn’t need details of our account info other than the information needed to identify the accounts in the event of having to execute the will. I strongly recommend trusting her to take good care of you & your whole family with your estate.”                                     

Mike and Athena DiLeva, Long Beach

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